Project for Environment Sustainability, Human Welfare, and Social Development
REI puts its priority on the quality urban life and harmonization of urban and natural environments. Our job is to harmonize contrasting elements - development and preservation, the old and new, urban and rural life - and synthesize them into innovative projects providing people with both amusement and relaxation. Also, our goal is to create new lifestyle through the most needed and befitting project based on thorough analyses of economic trends and market conditions.

As a master developer of development projects, REI creates new culture and value, not to mention success in each project through making the most of each characteristic of the projects. Also, we will be a main character of the future through making life of the future come true in reality. With a creative mind envisioning beyond the real world and a superior capability to complete projects on the basis of accurate information and financial analyses, REI will make a bright success of every project.