Korea is located in the center of Northeast Asia, so geographically it's easily accessible. Korea is a mature economy with 57% of economic output generated by services and 39% by manufacturing, and it has one of the world's largest economies, and ranks number 10 and number 12 in terms of GDP and trade, respectively.

Korea has launched a number of innovative policies to improve the environment for foreign investment as well as to eliminate the bottlenecks for foreign companies. To improve business conditions, Korea has been actively pursuing deregulation and restructuring and is promoting balanced national development.

In order to provide more comfortable living conditions for foreigners who operate businesses in Korea, Korea has established a 5 year plan to improve living conditions for foreigners.

Especially, the Korean financial services sector has been revolutionized in recent years. A series of initiatives in restructuring, consolidation, and deregulation have helped Korea's financial market progress towards being more transparent and stable.

The real estate investment trust business also has lucrative potential based on the large markets, continued deregulation and government-led restructuring.(Excerpt from www.kotra.or.kr)