A. Definition of New Town Development
  The initial purpose of new town development was to create a supplementary city for an existing city. However, now it is aiming at resolving existent problems of cities and improving living conditions as a whole in accordance with specific conditions of each nation and times.

New town indicates a planned city which governments intentionally created for the purpose of resolving metropolitan problems. Therefore, it's clearly distinguished from industrial cities or administrative cities naturally developed into modern cities based on political or economic drives.

B. Changes of Social Perception
  Until now, most of new town developments have been accomplished in order to make the best use of the site alone, not paying much attention to environmental preservation and quality lives. Since new town developments were usually designed for population decentralization and industrial complexes, the images of those developments which came to people's minds were high-rise apartment buildings, environmental destruction pollution, etc. However, as recent developments are carried out harmonizing natural environment, urban life and civilization, public perception over the development is positively changing.
C. Necessity of New Development
  Recently Korea witnesses several development projects based on innovative concepts, but they are too localized or developed with only one or two limited concepts, without considering surrounding areas and environment conditions. As a result, most cases do not meet the expectations and needs of people. Now is the time when people pay much attention to improvement in quality of life and the best use of leisure time with implementation of a five-day workweek. Under these circumstances, harmonization of residential areas & cultural facilities and urban areas & natural environments is highly needed. These are what REI is committed to creating and developing.